Pulsation Damper

Neev pulsation dampers are used to control flow pulsations caused by reciprocating and other positive displacement pumps. Careful selection of the damper type and its location can substantially attenuate pressure fluctuations allowing for smooth and steady flow of product to the process and reduced levels of pipe vibration and noise. Neev dampers are by design very efficient and their simple construction makes them economically priced and easy to maintain. They can be supplied to suit pressure from atmospheric up to 700bar in a wide range of sizes and materials to suit most process applications. Connections can be single, twin or multi-ported and, where flanges are used, they are always welded rather than screwed.


Simple construction features a Teflon(ptfe) diaphragm with normally 316 stainless steel housing as standard and the choice of screwed or welded flange connection. The membrane is typically Teflon and ideal for aggressive liquids. Housings may also be materials such as Polypropylene, PVC or other materials. Twin port configuration is available as an option.

NVP Model

Solid light weight piston assembly gives a quick response to large changes in fluid demand.The design construction gives the maximum use of the volume of the damper. Zero leakage when shut down due to piston-to-enclosure seal. This combined with graphite-filled PTFE bearing strips give minimum seal wear and stiction resulting in maximum speed of response to pressure changes.

NVB Model

Bladder type units specifically designed as pulsation dampers which feature maintenance friendly top access for bladder replacement. Standard material is 316 stainless steel or polypropylene although dampers in other materials are regularly manufactured. The membrane can be supplied in NBR and other materials. Screwed or flanged, a choice of single, twin or multiple porting is available.