Compact Safety Valves

NEEV Safety Valves

Cover a large variety of types, materials and options to fit any application:

  • Connection sizes from 3/8” to 2” provide high suitability to the application
  • Threaded connections, male and female, according to all international standards guarantee worldwide applicability
  • Flanged connections according to ANSI, DIN and JIS guarantee worldwide applicability
  • Inlet pressure ratings up to class 2500 to fit all required design pressures
  • 2 standard body materials, stainless 316L and A105 (carbon steel) as well as 4 standard seat materials, stainless steel, PTFE, PCTFE and VESPEL, can be selected.
  • All parts can be machined from bar materials to cover special material requirements such as hastelloy®, Duplex, super Duplex, Tantalum or Titanium within unrivalled lead time
  • Set pressure up to 365 bar/ 5294 psig make compact performance safety valves suitable for all industrial processes
  • Operating temperatures from -29°c to 220°c / -20.2 to 428°F cover a wide range of applications
  • One design and spring (single trim) for steam, gas and liquid applications reduces the number of spare parts and ensures low cost maintenance management
  • Ringless design needs no trim adjustments for easy maintenance.
  • One– piece spindle reduces friction which leads to high operation accuracy
  • Self – draining body design, avoids residues and reduces corrosion

Can be customized with a great variety of options, e. g,:

  • Special connections specified by the customer for optimized adaptation to the plant
  • Stellited or hardened metal sealing for longer product life
  • Soft seat solutions for superior tightness
  • Stainless steel bellows for back pressure compensation
  • Base/ inlet body, body, bonnet and all internal parts can be produced in special materials exactly to meet customer specifications and requirements

Typical applications for NEEV safety valves are:

  • Air/ gas compressors and pumps
  • Technical gases and CO2 plants
  • Cylinder filling stations
  • Pressure vessels and piping systems containing gas, air liquid or steam.
  • LPG/ LNG terminals, carriers etc.
  • High pressure extraction plants