Electric Driven Pumps

Main Characteristics

  • Reciprocating dosing pump with variable stroke
  • Stroke adjustment : manual / local , Automatic/remote (4-20mA, 3-15psi)
  • Maximum stroke length : MA=17 mm, MB=37, A=25.4 mm , B=38.1mm, C=76.2mm, D&F= 75 mm
  • Packed plunger liquid end
  • Diaphragm liquid end
  • Hydraulically actuated PTFE diaphragm
  • Materials : SS 316, 316L,304, 304L, Alloy steel, PVC, PVDF, PTFE
  • Internal safety valve
  • Custom designed “special” liquid ends
  • Max dimension:
    • Neev MA: length:315 mm, width:180mm , height:470mm
    • Neev MB: Length:476 mm, width:205mm , height:603mm
    • Neev A: length: 570 mm, width:550mm , height:350mm
    • Neev B: length:1050 mm, width:700mm , height:500mm
    • Neev C: length:1600 mm, width:1000mm , height:680mm
    • Neev D & F: length:1800 mm,width:806mm,height:1500mm
  • Motor power supply : 400 V- 50 HZ –3 phase
  • Electric and pneumatic stroke actuators
  • Frequency variation
  • Electric equipment for non-hazardous or hazardous area
  • Large variety of protection and insulation
  • Diaphragm rupture signaling



PTFE diaphragm liquid end
  • Flow rate: from 0.72 l/h to 66 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 123 barg


PTFE diaphragm liquid end
  • Flow rate: from14 l/h to 310 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 105 barg


Packed Plunger liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 0.28 l/h to 79 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 300 barg
PTFE diaphragm liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 3.7 l/h to 345 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 85 barg
Metallic diaphragm liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 0.23 l/h to 15.9 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 480 barg


Packed Plunger liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 3.9 l/h to 1960 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 450 barg
PTFE diaphragm liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 24 l/h to 2512 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 140 barg
Metallic diaphragm liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 3.7 l/h to 34 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 480 barg


Packed Plunger liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 52 l/h to 9930 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 341 barg
PTFE diaphragm liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 83 l/h to 9930 l/h
  • Pressure: from 1barg to 224 barg


Packed Plunger liquid end
  • Flow rate: from 526 l/h to 15665 l/h
  • Pressure: from 9 bar to 311 barg
PTFE diaphragm liquid end
  • Flow rate: from 461 l/h to 10056 l/h
  • Pressure: from 12 bar to 300 barg


Packed Plunger liquid end:
  • Flow rate: from 480 l/h to 15659 l/h
  • Pressure: from 19 bar to 500 barg
PTFE diaphragm liquid end
  • Flow rate: from 721 l/h to 15882 l/h
  • Pressure: from 19 bar to 300 barg

NEEV Electric Driven Pumps :

NEEV metering pumps are combined from modular units to exactly meet your specific requirements.

Drive Elements:

Convert the rotary motion of the driver into a reciprocating displacement motion and provide the precise and linear adjustment of the metered flow.

Pump Heads:

Available in plunger and diaphragm designs. The materials of construction range from stainless steels, nickel, titanium, glass and ceramic to PVC and PTFE.


With fixed or variable speeds.

Stroke Adjustments:

Manual, electric or pneumatic stroke actuators.

Multiplex Pumps:

All pump types of modular design can be combined to form multiplex metering pumps in a horizontal in-line arrangement.
Triplex Pump - A+B+C
Triplex pump- A×3

Principle of Operation:

The mechanical assembly provides the speed reduction by means of a worm and wheel system and converts the rotary drive into a linear reciprocating movement with adjustable stroke length.
For pumps A, B, C at zero stroke the crank and the gear wheel are vertical: the con-rod rotates the crank but the plunger does not move. The stroke length depends on the position of the micrometer screw which determines the angle of inclination of the crank. When this angle is reduced, plunger travel is reduced.
For pumps MA and MB the worm (1) and wheel (2) engage the con-rod (3) by means of an eccentric (4) part; this transmits a reciprocating motion to the piston (5). This piston reciprocates with constant stroke length and displaces oil into and out of the diaphragm (6) contained between contour plates. Relief valve (7) protects the pump.

Plunger Pump Heads:

Pump heads with wetted plunger seal, in all performance ratings. Each plunger seal requires regular maintenance and cannot be completely tight. Plunger pump heads therefore must be used for harmless fluids only.

  • Laterally adjusting plungers self-align in the seal for the lowest seal and plunger wear.
  • Plungers of high dimensional precision,hardness and surface quality assure long, trouble-free operation.
  • Optional heating/cooling jacket available.
Special designs
  • High pressure
  • Closed holders for positive leak drainage
  • Cryogenic
  • Melts with overall heating jacket

Diaphragm Pump heads - hydraulically actuated:

NEEV Pump head, completely tight on the wetted side is the proper solution for all critical, environmentally hazardous or sensitive fluids and suspensions. NEEV diaphragm pump heads are equipped with a mechanically actuated refill system which maintains a constant volume of hydraulic oil between the plunger and the diaphragm for repeated high accuracy dosing. A safety valve fitted in the hydraulic section protects the pump against accidental over pressure on the discharge side. This valve also continuously degasses the hydraulic oil and provides repeated reliable dosing. NEEV pump series with pressure stiff, linear characteristics meet all requirements. NEEV pumps can run dry without any problems.



As standard, drive motors are flange mounted onto the pump elements. Big drives and large variable speed drivers are foot mounted on common base plate.

Speed Reduction Ratios:
Each drive element of the NEEV modular series has its own integral reduction worm gear selected from a range of different reduction ratios. Thus, the stroke frequencies of the drive element can be optimized for each application requirement; combinations of reduction ratios are possible in multiplex pumps.

Standard Drivers:
Standard AC motors in IP55 enclosure with increased safety to EExellT 3.

  • AC motors with special enclosure or protection classes.
  • Variable speed AC motors as above, complete with frequency inverter controls.
  • Speed variable gears, also with electric and pneumatic actuators.
  • Drivers for special requirements, e.g. hydraulic motors.

Frequency Inverter

Complete unit for speed control with integrated operating and display panel, enclosure IP 55. Available for single or 3 phase operation. Automatic adaptation to the power supply.


Ideal materials and precision design of all valves ensure long life and high metering accuracy.

Ball valves: are self-cleaning, promote smooth flow and are optimal for abrasive fluids. Spring loading shortens closing time for viscous fluids, and creates back pressure, if necessary.

Plate valves, Cone valves: Preferably used for large bore diameters. Both designs are spring loaded, and offer extremely quiet operation. Special designs for contaminated fluids and suspensions.

Metering pump valve designs a) ball valve b) Plate valve c) Cone valve


A wide range of connections is available:
• Horizontal or vertical connections
• Plastic or metal connections.
These can be male or female threaded or flanged to meet various industry standards, etc.

Stroke Actuators:

In automated plants, the manual control of variable stroke metering pumps is replaced by electric or pneumatic stroke actuators.

Features of the Actuators:
• High reliability and positioning accuracy.
• Mechanical position indication. Housings are dust and splash proof. All pump drives with variable stroke can be equipped with stroke actuators.

Electric Stroke Actuators:
Driven by reversible motor, with automatic limit switches, proportional position feedback via potentiometer. Integral controller for process signal input on request. Explosion proof designs available.

Pneumatic Stroke Actuators:
Closed loop system which sets the stroke length in proportion to a pneumatic guide signal (0.2 to 1 bar). Operating air pressure 3 to 6 bar. High control quality and stability through hydraulic damping.

Neev C with electric actuator.

Diaphragm Rupture Signaling:

The sandwich diaphragm with diaphragm rupture signaling is standard design of nearly all NEEV diaphragm pumps. This safety option prevents intermixing of metered and hydraulic fluid in case of diaphragm rupture. It reliably signals any diaphragm rupture visually, acoustically or by an electric signal. The system remains leak tight even in case of diaphragm rupture..