Odorizing Unit

NEEV offer modular design and customized odourizing systems for odourizing of natural gas, liquefied gas and gas mixtures. Neev systems assure reliable, safe, economic and easy to operate metering of all sulphurous and sulphur free odourants.

Remarkable Features Of Neev Systems Are:

  • CONSTANT and ACCURATE odourant concentration in the gas even when the gas flow fluctuates widely.
  • OPTIMUM and ECONOMIC injection of odourant.
  • NEEV PRECISION metering pumps with hermetically tight pump heads and hydraulically actuated stainless steel diaphragm.
  • STATE of the ART ELECTRONICS for open and closed loop control and monitoring which can be installed in hazardous or non-hazardous areas.
  • RESISTANT materials (stainless steel and PTFE) for all parts wetted by the odourant.
  • DOUBLE FERRULE fittings (GYROLOK) which are absolutely tight even after repeat assembly and disassembly.
  • SAFETY COUPLINGS to avoid leakages during odourant fillings.
  • DRIP PANS for substances hazardous to the environment.
  • INJECTION POINTS with very large evaporation surface.
  • ACTIVE CHARCOAL FILTER for exhaust air cleaning.
  • GAS BLANKETING SYSTEMS for odourants with high vapour pressure to prevent failures in the odourant injection systems by gas formation.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CABINETS equipped with heating, insulation, lighting and lifting devices are available upon request.
  • SIMPLE CHECK of all important functions.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY to understand switching to the operating mode required.

Modular Design

NEEV standard odourizing systems are of a modular design. Pumps, Controls and measuring equipment and accessories are easy to replace.
This reduces considerably maintenance costs and possible upgrading costs.

Tailor Made Systems To Fit Every Requirement

NEEV designs, manufactures and supplies customized odourization systems to match special operation data and site operating conditions. Mechanical and electronic components are designed to satisfy the customer's special requirements. This is based on extensive experience in the field of metering in the last two decades.