NEEV – Solenoid Driven Pumps

Electromagnetic linear driver is the ideal metering pump driver from the point of view of its principle. It provides the driving energy directly in the desired oscillating form. The transmission mechanism from rotating to oscillating motion is therefore omitted; The solenoid driver provides the advantage of overload protection. In case of excessive load, the pump simply stops. The other advantage of solenoid driven pumps is that stroke frequency can be adapted to different design tasks by means of electrical pulses. Same NEEV pump heads are available on the solenoid driven pumps. Explosion proof solenoid drivers are available for hazardous areas.

Main Characteristics

  • Reciprocating dosing pump solenoid driven with variable stroke
  • Stroke adjustment : manual / local , Automatic/remote (4-20mA)
  • Maximum stroke length : 15 mm
  • hydraulically actuated PTFE diaphragm
  • hydraulically actuated metallic diaphragm
  • Internal safety valve
  • Material : SS 316, 316L, 304, 304L, Alloy steel, PVC, PVDF, PTFE
  • Custom designed “special” liquid ends
  • Max dimension: Length: 700mm, width: 200mm, height: 400mm
  • Motor power supply : 24 VDC , 200 VDC
  • Electric equipment for non-hazardous or hazardous area
  • Large variety of protection and insulation


  • PTFE or metallic diaphragm liquid end
  • Flow rate: from 0.05 l/h to 21 l/h
  • Pressure: from 0.1barg to 250 barg
  • Standard max. temperature of 90ºC, Up to 300 ºC with special designs